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Who Else Wants A Cash Generating Autoresponder Series?

For The "No Nonsense Muscle Building" eBook By Vince DelMonte, A Hot Seller Sold On Clickbank, With a Payout Of $54.55 or more.

People such as Alan Says, of the Warrior Forum have often told us that having a system builds wealth.

As part of this wealth building system, you will need autoresponders, to stay in touch with your interested people, reminding them of your offer, or what you are offering as an affiliate.

Using An Autoresponder Series

When it comes to Clickbank ebooks, or any other ebook, product or script for that matter, people most likely will not buy it the first time they see it. You need to follow up, follow up, follow up!

That is why you need to use an autoresponder series. Not talking about dozens of unrelated products, but focusing on one product and following up over and over again.

What You Will Get With This Autoresponder Series
Your autoresponder series will talk about

The benefits they will receive from using the product - building muscle, even for the skinny guy. Thin people are desperate to build muscles and put some bulk on.

The problem they are having and how the program overcomes the difficulties by showing the insider techniques Vince DelMonte developed. (Many skinny guys can't build much muscle, the more muscular ones only get so big, despite years of workout.

Other peoples testimonials.

The product guarantee

Vince Del Montes product, so that it stays on their mind and entices them each and every message.

Each message building on the last, giving more information, testimonials and assurance of a money back guarantee.

Save Yourself Time

Making a 20 autoresponder series is a lot harder than just making yourself a few notes, then  sitting down to bang out an autoresponder series in a couple hours. This could take you a day, but more likely 2 or 3 days.

You have to do your research, and write it in a way it is going to appeal to your audience.  

Then comes the long, tedious, BORING part of typing all the autoresponder materials and putting them together. Then making sure everything is coherent and getting the proof reading accomplished.

I have done the work for you. No hours of researching and typing. No struggling to choose just the right words, so that you make sales.

Today I am offering you a 20 email autoresponder series for the "No Nonsense Muscle Building" ebook by Vince DelMonte. This is a hot seller sold on Clickbank with a payout of over $54.55 or more. for each sale by an affiliate.

This autoresponder series could be a cash cow for you.

 Here is an example autoresponder:

(an example, not yours to copy)

Subject - autoresponder code, something else you should know about "No Nonsense Muscle Building" manual

Hi autoresponder code,

Are you tired of working out in the gym but not getting as big as you want?

Do you want to know what it really takes to easily build rock hard and ripped muscle mass?

Here is just a sample of what you'll get with "No Nonsense Muscle Building" manual -

- Discover the #1 most critical muscle building ingredient you can't grow without. More important than training, nutrition, supplementation and even more than anabolic steroids! Don't do this and you have no chance of building your perfect body!

- Side step the top 20 ways to screw up in the gym. By simply avoiding these suicide training techniques that 98% of trainees do, you will make twice the gains in half the time! You'll be training smarter... not harder and the results will blow your mind.

- Maximize the top 9 little known anabolic secrets for hyper-drive muscle gain. Every single one of these principles MUST be executed to build even one pound of muscle. You will not casually discover these rules on any website or in any fitness magazine.

And like I said, that's just a sample of how you'll benefit.

Why end up spending years in the gym and thousands of dollars without getting really big?

Now with that said, don't put off today what you think you can do tomorrow.

I cannot guarantee that "No Nonsense Muscle Building" manual will be priced at such a low price as it is right now much longer.

Go there now and see what it has done for others.

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You just need to replace my affiliate code with your clickbank affiliate code, do some search and replace to put your information in, then paste this into your autoresponder set up. This will save you DAYS of work.

As well, this autoresponder series can also be mixed with articles about body building or muscle building for building trust among your readers and giving you more variety.

Your Private Label Rights

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What others have to say - A reviewer of the series
sent me this comment.

"You kept them interesting and thoroughly covered
all the benefits of the product (it's a long sales
letter to weed through). You emphasized points
by repeating them in later emails. That worked
out well too. Felt like you had a lot of movement
in the autoresponder series -- not stagnant, but

Good job"

Deb Vadnais


Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason , you decide this autoresponder series doesn't meet your exact needs, simply let me know within the next 30 days and you'll get a complete refund of your purchase price.

Just making one affiliate sale will more than pay for your Autoresponder series, which should continue to make you money over and over.

Get started now.

Ony 50 sets will be sold
33 Available

I have sold this for as much as $47.

Now $39.00

"No Nonsense Muscle Building" 20 Emails Autoresponder Series For The  eBook By Vince DelMonte, A Hot Seller Sold On Clickbank, With a Payout Per Affiliate Sale Of $54.55 or more. Jump on the bandwagon now..

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Any questions can be sent to jeannie AT

Thank you,

Jeannie Crabtree

*No promises are made as to how much money you can make. Much will depend on your efforts, the amount of traffic you get to your site, and the number of people who are subscribing to your autoresponders.